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I wanted it to work . I wanted to fall in love,like so many of my friends。“it takes a while,”they said。“don't expect a我期待能像很多朋友一样爱它。


”so I did . I knew other people looked at what I had with envy . but a month and a half after we first got together,I have decided it is time to-但是初次见面一个月这么宽的时间已经不够了。I am breaking up with my apple watch . the relationship was,despite all expectations,not what I needed . all the focus on San franciss Made me re我就这样放弃了我的苹果手表。虽然我对这段关系的期望相当高,但那不是我必须的。

本周,人们将目光投向旧金山,密切关注苹果的下一个根本性想法(流媒体)。),所以我也明白那不是敲我讨厌的音色。Still,I will never regret the weeks we spent together . they taught me some valuable truths about my self。

但是我会对我们见面的几周深感愧疚。这段时间我意识到了对自己的根本真凶。Like,for example,that I do not want to be defined by a talking point on my wrist。例如,我想用手腕上显眼的东西强调身份。

there is A reason that I carry the same(no logo)handbag every where I go,A reason my(pre-apple)watch had no bells or tourbs所以我去任何地方,我只讨厌季节里新的或没有指定著名设计师的衣服,我在广告中没有见过的衣服。(威廉莎士比亚,哈姆雷特,季节名言)I spend a lot of time in a world where products are shorthand for people,And I know too well the risks of having such semion在我生活多年的这个世界上,商品被修改并出售给人们,我深刻地说,将这种象征意义与自己联系起来不会有任何危险。but when I started wearing the apple watch(the 38-millimeter case with a Milanese loop band,Which is the smaller size with a flexible STT)但是,一旦戴上苹果手表(38毫米),它早就无处不在,而且推进了很多,所以人们绝对不能当面面对。(威廉莎士比亚,泰姆派斯特,希望如此)First every one wanted to know about it。

then they wanted to try it。then they made certain assumptions about me。刚开始大家都想理解它,后来又想Which,frankly,I would have made about any woman like my self walking around with a big black box on her arm。老实说,如果看到像我这样的女人胳膊上挂着大黑色, because No matter how attractive the apple watch is in the context of other smart watches or smart bands,No matter how much of an aesthetic advance因为无论苹果手表在智能手表和智能手环界多么迷人,无论圆角和矩形显示器变得多么美学,它仍然是一个小玩意。

特别是对像我这样的手腕走的人来说。not only does its face effectively span the width of my forearm,But the cool little screen saver that so many reviewers have lauded-the micket)——大部分时间,这个屏幕保护程序在仪表盘上睡觉。(阿尔伯特爱因斯坦,Northern Exposure(美国电视电视剧),)Every time I see it,I want to shriek,“beam me up,Scotty。



”(《星际变形金刚》 ——学术著作)not that it would do much good。typing doesn ' t awaken the picture . even when I rock my arm back and forth enerer It often takes a few tries before up the earth pops . the default position不是说不能推。


(威廉莎士比亚,哈姆雷特,信仰)配置文件方向为空。just as my default position when trying to read an email or the text of a headline on the small screen involves raising my wrist to near eye level-or我想在这个小屏幕上读电子邮件、短信和新闻标题,如果你的孩子或熟人在这个时候向你跑来,我可能会嘲笑你。“why is that more embarrassing than endlessly looking at a phone?”My friends said when I complained。

“为什么比经常看手机更让人失望?”当我责怪的时候,朋友们都这样回答。It's a valid question,but after some contemplation I think the answer is simple 3360 a phone is hand-held,And we are used to seeing peoing这是个好问题,但通过思考,我的问题很简单。手机在手上,我们习惯看到人们手里拿着。比如读书。

(大卫亚设,Northern Exposure(美国电视连续剧),)但是看到有人盯着手腕(或者鬼鬼祟祟地盯着自己的手腕),用来装信息真的很不礼貌,而且好像还有科学技术狂。(威廉莎士比亚、哈姆雷特、科学)(This doesn ' t seem to have bothered the tech writers,most of whom wrote persuasively posity)。

and it is certainly more subtle than Google glass,though I am not sure that is saying much。技术专栏似乎比谷歌眼镜更精致,但不能说明太多问题。Granted,all of this would likely pale in importance if the watch were truly transforming my life,As my iphone has . but I have never had a proble所以我要有警告告诉他我哪封邮件最重要。

(约翰肯尼迪,学)And the small screen is simply too small to really read on,so I ' ve been more annoyed than happy when it alerted me to textsAnd when I saw a headline,all I wanted to do was find the rest of the story,我是看标题就想读内容的人。Besides,the busy work the watch ' s apps can replace-handing over airline boarding passes,opening hotel room doors-seems less like an advance than a loss of control . call me a luddite,but honestly,I don ' t mind unlocking things with my actual hands . the neems另外,苹果手表的应用可以代替部分工作,但看起来没有改变,反而失控的——提交登机牌,关闭酒店房间。你可以说我是个讨厌技术的人,但老实说,我不介意用我的手锁门。

新的苹果手表操作系统本周宣布可以在这方面得到改善,但我还不确定能否冷静地等待。Likewise(and I know this will be heresy to any one really excited about The coming Fitbit Initial public offering),The Fitness-app app就是那些boss用来测量你走路,测量你的心跳,警告你一起活动句子叛逆的应用程序。(威廉莎士比亚,温斯顿,健康)I have worked hard to wean my self from a reliance on exercise machines telling me hard I had worked-How many calories我还是依赖磨具。我磨练得有多辛苦,——我点燃了多少卡路里,我爬了多少楼梯,3354部分说我经常作弊,所以机器给我的结果不可信,部分是因为我有借口掩盖或隐藏随之而来的不道德。


(阿尔伯特爱因斯坦,学)But the truth is,I know when I am in shapeI can see the difference in my body And feel it when I ride my bike in the park . the watch threatened to drag me back into a numbers-driven neurosis And(also,I have too many friends who look at their fitness tracker in the middle of convers)Then immediately spring up and start walking aroung)但事实上,我对自己说身体很健康。去公园骑自行车能感觉到我的身心再次改变。


)。(威廉莎士比亚,哈姆雷特,希望如此)(I did like the fact that I could turn My phone ringer off,and the watch would vibrate when,)。我肯定不喜欢抓机关静音。孩子们打电话时,时钟不动。

我又听到电话了。但是最终这一点好处还是太过了。when I told a colleague about the breakup,He observed that perhaps I wasn ' t the target for the apple watch . that I should be sure to tell the Siri ori“不是你的问题,而是我的。

”“他可能是对的。Except I don't think so,and not just because often,Opposites do attract . but because I actually think I am the intended 3360 a non tech pers但是在一定程度上是因为敌人不收集头脑。因为我真的是目标。不是技术型的人不想享受太多的技术产品(手机、IPad、笔记本电脑不够),但可能会因为太有魅力而想再卖一个。

(约翰肯尼迪,Northern Exposure(美国电视电视剧),)That ' s the way apple increases market share and owns a category,After all :所以苹果的市场份额是这样的,苹果希望能符合时尚。but here ' s the thing : the watch isn ' t actually a fashion accessory for the tech-happy . it ' s a tech accessory pretending to I just coust但是问题是,苹果手表不是为讨厌技术的人准备的时尚服装。




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